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Foreign ministry says nearly 30 international media outlets have come to Taiwan since 2020

MOFA highlights Taiwan's free and open society as reason for increase in foreign reporters

(Reporters Without Borders image)

(Reporters Without Borders image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Since 2020, a total of 29 foreign media outlets and 63 reporters have moved to Taiwan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) said on Tuesday (May 17).

The foreign ministry said that for the first time, media from Oceania, Asia, Latin America, the South Pacific, and other regions have sent personnel to Taiwan, according to a MOFA press release. Currently, 75 news outlets from 20 countries have sent 137 reporters to Taiwan.

In addition to traditional media such as newspapers, television, radio, and magazines, the number of online media outlets has increased, the foreign ministry added.

MOFA said the stories coming out of Taiwan have also increased and are more diverse in content, including ones about cross-strait relations, regional security, Taiwan's epidemic prevention achievements, domestic industrial development, and Taiwanese arts and culture. Coverage has also expanded to news about China, ASEAN, and Indo-Pacific countries, the ministry pointed out.

This demonstrates Taiwan’s free and fast information flow, transparency, openness, mature rule of law, and respect for diverse opinions, MOFA said, adding that Taiwan's geographical location helps international reporters observe developments in neighboring areas and facilitates travel for interviews.

“The Taiwanese government will continue to provide necessary assistance to foreign media in their news coverage in Taiwan, and wholeheartedly welcomes more media to come and use Taiwan's free, diverse, and convenient reporting environment to safeguard the shared value of democracy and human rights,” MOFA said.