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Taiwan kicks off map-based wargames portion of Han Kuang exercise

Simulation changed from computer system to map in order to focus more on discussion, analysis

Taiwanese soldiers in action in Han Kuang exercise.

Taiwanese soldiers in action in Han Kuang exercise. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — This year’s Han Kuang simulations will be map-based, rather than be conducted on a computer, and will include scenarios drawn from the Russia-Ukraine war, the Ministry of National Defense said on Monday (May 16).

The simulation portion of the 38th Han Kuang exercise, which began today, will be held for five consecutive days until May 20. Originally, the military planned to conduct a computer simulation but changed to a physical map format, during which cadres will discuss detailed warfare tactics face-to-face and establish consensus on military operations and war preparations, CNA reported.

Major General Liu Erh-jung (劉爾榮), head of the joint operations training division under the office of the deputy chief of staff, explained in a recent press conference that the simulation draws from defense tactics observed in the Russia-Ukraine war.

Liu said that the purposes of a computer and map simulation are different. Using a computer system allows military officers to see the possible actions of offensive and defensive forces and lets planners see whether an attack has achieved its desired effect, he said.

Liu mentioned that a map-based approach still consists of playing out various scenarios but focuses more on discussions. Participants are mainly high-level staff in charge of combat command duties, and there is no need for a large team, he said.