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New dishwasher detergent now available for sale in Taiwan

Finish releases new product boasting effective dish cleansing, dishwasher care features

(Finish photo)

(Finish photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Renowned dishwasher detergent brand Finish has released a new product in Taiwan highlighting convenience, effectiveness, and environmental protection.

The new product falls under the Quantum series and is sold on the brand’s newly launched Taiwan website in 50-count packages. Designed to be used with all types of dishwashers, the Quantum detergent packs are able to remove all types of food stains, kill 99.9% of germs, and provide a shine to dishes, glasses, and silverware.

The detergent pack features three fast-dissolving chambers, including a liquid Powerball that breaks down heavy stains and delivers a finishing shine, gel to cut grease, and powder consisting of natural enzymes that scrub and remove tough stuck-on food from dishes. The powerful formula can clean dishes with food stains dried for 24 hours.

Users simply need to put one detergent pack, wrapped individually in biodegradable and water-soluble film, in the dishwasher’s detergent compartment (or, if there isn’t one, on top of the machine’s bottom filter). Not only will the detergent cleanse and shine dishes, it will also clean and protect the dishwasher in the washing process.

The detergent is free from phosphate, borate, chlorine bleach, and preservatives. The low temperature needed to dissolve the pack’s film helps save water and energy.

Additionally, Finish’s Quantum detergent promises to clean dishes without the need for pre-rinsing as part of its efforts to help communities around the world save water. According to Finish, billions of liters of drinking water are wasted around the world every year due to pre-rinsing.

Aside from individual packages, Finish’s Taiwan website also offers the new Quantum detergent bundled with other Finish products. Combined with an ongoing sales event, consumers are able to make selections of products best suited for their needs and maximize savings.

More information about the product can be found on the detergent's product page.

New dishwasher detergent now available for sale in Taiwan
Stained dishes before and after being cleansed by the Finish Quantum detergent pack. (Finish image)

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