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Shanghai couple says 'we're the last generation' when rejecting quarantine camp

Cop says 'your 3rd generation will be affected,' couple responds 'we're the last generation'

(Twitter, Franka Lu screenshot)

(Twitter, Franka Lu screenshot)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Video surfaced on Wednesday (May 11) showing a Shanghai couple boldly rejecting a police officer's threats over noncompliance with a quarantine order.

The video on Twitter reportedly shows a police officer notifying a couple that they must enter a quarantine camp or face demerits on their record that will last for "three generations." The man rejects his threats and replies "we are the last generation."

In the video, a man leads a group of officers in white hazmat suits that are labeled "police" and can be seen arguing with the couple outside the entrance to their apartment about their refusal to go to a quarantine camp. The officer warns the couple they will force them to go and punish them in accordance with public security regulations.

The man can then be heard saying "you don't have the qualifications to forcibly take us away. Excuse me." The officer says "whether or not I'm qualified, you will see for yourself."

The officer warns the couple that he has already explained the situation clearly and that they will be "dealt with in accordance with the law." He then warns that if they do not comply with city government orders, they will be punished.

Cutting off the resident's attempt to reason with him, the officer says "after the punishment is handed down, it will affect you all the way to your third generation." The man responds by declaring, "This is our last generation, thank you," before the video cuts off.