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Taiwan’s Tainan launches cloud-based system with AI for COVID diagnosis

Streamlined service allows those in quarantine to get official COVID diagnosis without going out for PCR test

Tainan City Government launches a cloud-based portal equipped with AI technology to facilitate rapid test-based COVID diagnosis. (National Cheng ...

Tainan City Government launches a cloud-based portal equipped with AI technology to facilitate rapid test-based COVID diagnosis. (National Cheng ...

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Tainan City Government has launched the “Tainan Joint Care Cloud” system so those in quarantine can get a rapid test COVID-19 diagnosis and report their health and mental condition.

At a press conference on Thursday (May 12), Tainan City Public Health Bureau Director General Hsu I-lin (許以霖) announced the system would go online Friday (May 13) at 9 a.m. and the government was already sending registration invitations via text messages to those in quarantine. The service is offered through the messaging app Line and is designed to be a one-stop portal for COVID-related issues.

Once registered, users can find answers to frequently asked questions about quarantine and COVID home care policies as well as up-to-date information. COVID patients recovering at home will also receive reminders to report their health and mental condition.

Additionally, the system automatically judges whether the user fits the criteria for getting an official COVID diagnosis based on just a rapid test result (a policy that applies to those already in quarantine). Those who are eligible can submit their rapid test device to an image recognition AI to confirm a positive result and then directly arrange for a video session with a physician for diagnosis.

Hsu said that according to the Central Epidemic Command Center’s (CECC) policy, individuals already in quarantine who wish to make an appointment with physicians for a video session need to first take a photo of their rapid test device and National Health Insurance (NHI) card. During the session, they need to produce their quarantine notice or submit it for cross-reference before medical entities can confirm which category they fit.

Tainan City Government launched the Tainan Joint Care Cloud out of consideration that patients may be anxious to see a physician and given the length of time it takes for authorities to issue quarantine notices, per Hsu. Tainan City Government started planning to launch the system and streamline the administrative process as soon as the CECC announced it would allow those in quarantine to be diagnosed with COVID after just a rapid test result.

In a press release, Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-che (黃偉哲) was cited as saying the government worked with the National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Advmeds, and Goodideas Studio to consolidate data and communication tools.

Great News cited NCKU President Su Huey-jen (蘇慧貞) as saying the image recognition AI adopted by the Tainan Joint Care Cloud was developed by the university’s Anti-Pandemic Science Center, which is headed by NCKU Hospital Superintendent Shen Meng-ru (沈孟儒). In the case of an unclear rapid test result or bad photo quality, the medical team at the NCKU Hospital will manually assess the photos and tests to ensure accuracy.

NCKU Associate Professor Shu Yu-chen (舒宇宸), who led the development of the image recognition AI, added the project was the product of the school’s interdisciplinary collaboration and effort and NCKU’s fulfillment of its university social responsibility.

In addition to the Tainan Joint Care Cloud, Tainan City Government also published a list of medical facilities with video clinics that allow patients to see physicians without leaving home, along with their hours of operation. Those who are not familiar with Line or do not have a cellphone can refer to the list and arrange appointments.

However, those who do not make appointments through the Tainan Joint Care Cloud should have their NHI card, rapid test device, and official quarantine notice ready to help confirm their eligibility to skip PCR testing.

Updated : 2022-05-21 06:49 GMT+08:00