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Taiwan will no longer close schools completely for COVID cases

COVID restrictions will instead focus on individual students

Disinfecting a school during the COVID pandemic. (CNA, Taoyuan City Government photo)

Disinfecting a school during the COVID pandemic. (CNA, Taoyuan City Government photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Complete closures of schools due to COVID-19 outbreaks will no longer occur starting next week, the Ministry of Education (MOE) said Saturday (May 7).

Under previous rules, if COVID cases or close contacts were found in at least one-third of classes or at least 10 classes at the same school, the whole school would suspend classes and switch to online teaching.

However, because most children under the age of 12 have not been fully vaccinated against COVID yet, rules for different grade levels will still vary, CNA reported.

If a COVID case attends an elementary or kindergarten class within two days of testing positive, the class should suspend in-person lessons for three days, the MOE said. The school should provide one rapid test per person, and if a test on the fourth day is negative for COVID, then the pupil should be allowed to return to school.

At junior and senior high schools, students who have sat near a COVID case will have to take three days of “COVID prevention leave,” with the school also providing one test kit per person.

At colleges and universities, students confirmed as COVID cases can switch to online classes until the end of the academic year after a discussion with their teachers, the MOE said.

Students at dormitories who have to isolate will receive three COVID test kits and spend their quarantine either at home or at the residence they rent. Meanwhile, foreign students will be assigned a space at a dormitory or a room at a quarantine center.