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South Taiwan light rail pauses service for chicken on platform

Kaohsiung Light Rail trains often encounter animals such as dogs, cats, birds

File photo of a white rooster. (Pexels, Engin Akyurt photo)

File photo of a white rooster. (Pexels, Engin Akyurt photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A train on the Kaohsiung Light Rail system had to pause when a chicken appeared on a station’s platform on Thursday morning (May 5), which also marked the first time the service has encountered such an animal.

CNA cited the Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corp. (KRTC) as saying that the incident occurred around 6 or 7 a.m., when a train driver and a passenger reported seeing a chicken on the platform of Kaisyuan Wuchang Station (C35). As the light rail’s tracks are not elevated and trains move flat against the ground, drivers often encounter dogs, cats, and birds and let them pass before continuing.

While the chicken’s origin is unclear, CNA reported that a private plot of land nearby appears to be used for growing vegetables and raising chickens, which is a possible but unconfirmed explanation for the chicken’s presence at the station.

The chicken has been captured by the Kaohsiung City Animal Protection Office and was placed in a shelter. The chicken may be collected by the owner if he or she shows proof of ownership or be taken home through an adoption process.

According to the KRTC, the standard operating procedure requires drivers to honk horns at animals in the event of an encounter so they will stay off the tracks. When the company’s control center receives reports of animals on tracks, it sends staff members to the location to shoo them away or contact animal control agencies if needed.