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Temperatures to rise across Taiwan from Tuesday

Weather will be most stable on Thursday and Friday

Temperatures to rise across Taiwan from Tuesday

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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Low temperatures will hover around 15 – 17 degrees Celsius or even lower in northern Taiwan from Monday night (May 2) to Tuesday morning (May 3) before warming up during the daytime on Tuesday, and back to over 30 degrees in central and southern Taiwan from Wednesday (May 4), a weather forecast said.

After experiencing winter-like temperatures over the past two days, with Taipei recording the coldest May day in eight years, the forecast is a welcome one.

According to the Central Weather Bureau’s website, the lowest temperature recorded on Monday was 12.8 degrees in Taichung City’s Dajia District. The 15.1 degrees recorded by the Taipei Weather Station on Monday morning tied with the low temperature recorded by the station in May 2014. A low temperature of 14.4 degrees was recorded by the same station in May 2013.

The bureau warned that low temperatures in northern Taiwan and Yilan will fall to 15 – 17 degrees or even lower for some areas north of Miaoli from Monday night to Tuesday morning, CNA reported. The bureau did not exclude the possibility of the Taipei Weather Station recording a temperature lower than 15.1 degrees during that time.

With the weakening of northeasterly winds, high temperatures will return to over 20 degrees in northern Taiwan on Tuesday, the bureau added.

Bureau forecaster Liu Yu-chi (劉宇其) said that the rainfall, caused by the interaction of a southern cloud system and northeasterly winds, will continue but ease off overnight. Sparse rain showers are forecast across the country on Tuesday, but starting on Wednesday, northern, eastern, and mountainous areas in the central and southern regions are expected to see scattered showers, CNA quoted Liu as saying.

Weather will be most stable on Thursday (May 5) and Friday (May 6), with sparse short showers forecast only for the mountainous areas across the country.

More erratic weather patterns will approach the country on Saturday (May 7) and Sunday (May 8), causing the weather to turn unstable again, the forecaster said, per CNA.

Updated : 2022-05-24 07:13 GMT+08:00