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Parents scramble to get COVID test kits in Taiwan's Chiayi, find none

Rapid test kit something 'money cannot buy' in Chiayi: Parents

Parents scramble to get COVID test kits in Taiwan's Chiayi, find none

(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Parents of students who attend a Chiayi City high school were disappointed after they scrambled to find take-home rapid antigen test kits so their children could fulfill a screening requirement after a teacher was diagnosed with COVID-19.

Chia Hwa Senior High School on Sunday night (April 24) texted parents to notify them that a teacher's PCR test result was positive for COVID-19, CNA reported. As the teacher teaches five classes, the school said it had decided to suspend all in-person classes on Monday for disinfection.

The school also announced that the five classes taught by the infected teacher would be suspended for three days and that parents should help students of these classes obtain rapid tests and report the results back to the school within three days.

Upon receiving the message, parents sprang into action by going to drugstores around the city to purchase the rapid test kits, only to find that they were either sold out or had been out of stock for some time.

Some parents even left the city to inquire about the kits, only to find they were just as scarce elsewhere in the county. Parents lamented that rapid test kits are something money cannot buy, according to the report.