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LINE announces NFT platform for Taiwan 'DOSI'

Company to hire new engineers for the project

LINE App. (Flickr, Bhupinder Nayyar photo)

LINE App. (Flickr, Bhupinder Nayyar photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Messaging app LINE announced Friday (April 22) that it is building out a new Non-Fungible Token (NFT) platform for Taiwan’s ecosystem — DOSI.

The company expects the platform will be up and running later in the year and in order to deliver on the project, LINE will also recruit a blockchain technical team, according to a CNA report. The company will be hiring front-end engineers and server-side developers to build out the broader ecosystem of DOSI.

Chen Hong-chia (長陳鴻) Chief Technology Officer of LINE Taiwan, said Taiwan has the largest R&D engineering team in all of LINE’s overseas markets. It will now take this further into blockchain tech by setting up a R&D team through its blockchain subsidiary, LINE NEXT, he said.

LINE also announced a company-wide recruitment drive. It will hold the 4th LINE Developers Recruitment Day on May 27, with more than 100 engineering vacancies available.