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Taiwan defense minister closely monitors China’s changing military plans

Crossing the Taiwan Strait likely to be tough challenge for China's Navy

China's Liaoning aircraft carrier. 

China's Liaoning aircraft carrier.  (AP photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The government will closely monitor any changes by China in its military strategy targeting Taiwan following the war in Ukraine, Defense Minister Chiu Kuo-cheng (邱國正) said Wednesday (April 20).

The statement followed a report by Nikkei Asia outlining how Russia’s problematic invasion of its neighbor has affected China’s views on a potential strike against Taiwan.

The report said Beijing might consider strengthening its nuclear arsenal or targeting remote Taiwan-held islands instead of launching a full assault. China has also taken a closer look at the practical difficulties of crossing the Taiwan Strait and gaining a foothold in Taiwan to take control of a major urban area.

Responding to the Nikkei report, Chiu said the events in Ukraine held important lessons for Taiwan, but for the enemy too, CNA reported. He said Taiwan needed to watch developments closely, as each incident in any country provided lessons to be learned.

As China’s aircraft carrier designs were based on Russia’s, the destruction of Russia’s Moskva, allegedly by Ukrainian missiles, could mean troubling news for Beijing’s strategy, the Nikkei reported.

Beijing's reliance on food and energy imports was also a weak point, especially if it were subjected to international sanctions and a blockade after an attack on Taiwan, according to the report.