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Temperatures in Taiwan to reach 30 degrees or higher starting Thursday

Taiwan to warm up in latter half of week after northeasterly winds weaken

(Facebook, Central Weather Bureau image; translation by Taiwan News)

(Facebook, Central Weather Bureau image; translation by Taiwan News)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Once the current northeastern monsoon weakens on Wednesday (April 20), temperatures in Taiwan will reach 28-33 degrees Celsius.

The Central Weather Bureau (CWB) reported that northern and northeastern Taiwan will be cool on Tuesday (April 19), while other regions will see a cool morning and evening. Temperatures will reach between 18 and 25 degrees in the north and northeast, between 19 and 29 degrees in the central and southern regions, and between 19 and 25 degrees in the east.

On Tuesday, northern, central, and eastern Taiwan as well as mountainous areas of the south will see sporadic rain, while the southern plain will see cloudy weather. On Wednesday, the north and east will continue to see sporadic rainfall, while other areas will be cloudy.

Starting on Wednesday, temperatures in the north and northeast will remain cool in the morning and evening but rise during the day as northeasterly winds weaken, ranging from 18-24 degrees. The central and southern regions will see temperatures of 19-30 degrees and the east coast 19-25 degrees.

Between Thursday (April 21) and Sunday (April 24), the wind will change direction and blow from the south. Temperatures will rise noticeably to reach summer-like levels — 28-30 degrees in northern and eastern parts of the country and 29-33 degrees in central and southern areas.

However, the CWB wrote that since the weather in spring tends to change quickly, the public should pay attention to updates to be better prepared.