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TSMC’s planned southern Taiwan chip plant passes environmental review

Company's new Kaohsiung fab expected to produce 7 nm and 28 nm chips

TSMC logo.

TSMC logo. (AP photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Kaohsiung on Tuesday (April 12) approved an environmental impact assessment for Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.’s (TSMC) planned chip fab in the city’s Nanzih District.

Kaohsiung’s environmental evaluation committee approved the city’s plans to turn CPC Corp. Taiwan’s old naphtha cracking complex in Nanzih into an industrial park, according to CNA. The approval came with three conditions, including setting up an environmental monitoring panel, adding more air quality monitoring locations, and constructing a groundwater monitoring and testing plant.

The Kaohsiung Economic Development Bureau said it would issue the license for the industrial park’s creation by the end of April. It will then issue a fab construction license and rent the land to TSMC in May.

Construction of TSMC’s new chip fab and public facilities are expected to begin simultaneously in June. TSMC’s plant is then expected to begin operations in July 2023, according to the Kaohsiung Economic Development Bureau.

TSMC previously said its new plant in Kaohsiung will focus on producing 7 nm and 28 nm chips, with commercial production slated to start in 2024.