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Taiwan workers paid average year-end bonus of NT$71,968

Shipping company employees received average year-end bonus of NT$622,627

(Reuters photo)

(Reuters photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Employees received an average year-end bonus of over NT$70,000 (US$2,400) for their work in 2021, with those working in shipping receiving the biggest payout, according to the Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics (DGBAS).

On Wednesday (April 14), the DGBAS released the results of its monthly survey on salaries in the manufacturing and service sectors. The survey found that the average year-end bonus, which is usually handed out at the end of the Lunar New Year, was equivalent to 1.63 months of the average wage of NT$43,889 recorded in February.

The bonuses consist of non-regular salaries (excluding overtime pay), such as year-end bonuses, from December 2021 to February 2022. The average bonus during this period was NT$71,968, an increase of NT$1,586 compared to NT$70,382 the previous year.

Employees in the financial and insurance industries saw a year-end bonus amounting to 3.67 months of their average pay. People working in real estate received 2.45 months of average salary, while those in manufacturing were given the equivalent of 1.88 months in wages.

The sector that witnessed the biggest disbursement was shipping, with an average year-end bonus of NT$622,627 — the equivalent of 7.27 months of salary. The biggest bonus in the shipping sector was a whopping NT$2 million, or 40 months' salary.

In second place were financial holding firms, which handed out an average year-end bonus of NT$435,749, comparable to 7.09 months' pay. Third place was claimed by securities, futures, and auxiliary financing, with a bonus of NT$354,831, or 5.52 months in pay.