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Q&A with MOFA on visitor visa for relatives of foreign residents in Taiwan

Any relative may visit as long as documentation proving kinship can be provided

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(Pexels photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — In response to questions from readers regarding visitor visas for relatives of foreign residents, Taiwan News contacted a Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) representative who has provided answers to these inquiries.

In a press release issued Tuesday (April 12), MOFA stated that in consideration of residents' need to reunite with their families, it has expanded the list of relatives eligible to visit Taiwanese citizens and foreign residents. Relatives of foreign residents, with the notable exception of migrant workers, can now apply for a "special entry permit" (visitor visa) to come to Taiwan.

To obtain the visitor visa, overseas relatives must apply through a Taiwanese embassy or representative office in their home country and may be asked to undergo an interview. Relatives wishing to apply must present proof of their relationship to the person they are planning to visit.

Those previously issued a special entry permit that expired between May 19 and Aug. 18, 2021, can reapply at no extra cost. MOFA pointed out that more details about eligibility can be found on this Bureau of Consular Affairs web page and that an English translation of the six main requirements has been included in this report.

The following are questions posed by readers and responses provided by an officer from MOFA's Bureau of Consular Affairs:

Can student visa holders apply?

Relatives of students who are on a short-term visitor visa are not currently eligible to travel to Taiwan. However, if a student has an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) or Alien Permanent Resident Certifciate (APRC), they can invite their relatives to visit.

Do "relatives" include parents and siblings? How about my cousin or aunt?

Any relative, including in-laws, can apply as long as they can provide proof of kinship. Examples of documents that can be provided to prove this relationship include a family tree, birth certificates, and household registration documentation.

Why exclude migrant workers with valid visas?

Family members of migrant workers are not legally permitted to receive a relative visitor visa. Prior to the pandemic, they could come on a tourist visa, but because foreign tourists are currently banned, they cannot enter Taiwan. Special exceptions can be made for humanitarian reasons, such as a medical emergency or pregnancy.

How long must relatives quarantine?

Like all other arrivals from overseas, visiting relatives must undergo the standard quarantine as stipulated by the Central Epidemic Command Center. The current mandatory quarantine period is 10 days, followed by seven days of self-health monitoring.

Can relatives spend their quarantine at the home of the Taiwan resident?

Quarantine regulations for relatives are the same as those for other foreign visitors, as stated by the Centers for Disease Control:

"The arrival should quarantine at home or a residence of his or her family or friends, and the principle of one person per residence should be observed. If the principle of one person per residence cannot be followed, the arrival should complete the 10-day quarantine at a quarantine hotel."