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English learning app RedKiwi launches in Taiwan

South Korean app offers one free week starting in May

RedKiwi app in action. (RedKiwi photo)

RedKiwi app in action. (RedKiwi photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — English-learning app RedKiwi arrived in Taiwan on Monday (April 11).

Built by South Korean ed-tech firm HayanMind, RedKiwi has reached 1.5 million downloads between its home market and neighboring Japan, according to a BusinessWire report. The Taiwan launch is part of a drive into other markets in Asia.

“The purpose of studying English among young generations is pretty similar in countries like Korea, Japan, and Taiwan, which is to prepare for the TOEIC test or job hunting, etc.,” a RedKiwi official said. “I think that RedKiwi’s English content will be successful in Taiwan as well, satisfying users’ demand as it did in Korea and Japan.”

The app focuses on building users’ listening skills and aims to make the learning process more enjoyable through content related to entertainment, such as movies, cartoons, and TV series.

RedKiwi will launch a free one-week trial period for Taiwanese users beginning May 1.

There are many English-learning apps available in Taiwan. The most popular in Apple's App Store in 2021 include Vocabulazy, the highest-ranked for vocabulary learning, Native Camp for listening and speaking, Medium for reading, and CNN for English-language news.