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Relatives of foreign residents can now apply to visit Taiwan

Taiwan expands family visits for certain foreign residents beyond spouses, children

(Dreamstime photo)

(Dreamstime photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) on Tuesday (April 12) announced that relatives of Taiwanese citizens and foreign residents, with the exception of migrant workers, could begin applying for a visitor visa effective immediately.

In a press release, MOFA stated that in consideration of residents' need to reunite with their families, it has expanded the list of relatives eligible to visit Taiwanese citizens and foreign residents. Relatives of foreign residents, with the notable exception of migrant workers, can now apply for a "special entry permit" (visitor visa) to come to Taiwan.

In September last year, the CECC announced that foreign spouses and children of Taiwanese citizens could apply for entry into the country. In March of this year, the Ministry of Education (MOE) informed schools that spouses and children of foreign teachers who have a work permit or residence certificate valid for more than six months could apply for dependent visas.

Tuesday's announcement by MOFA further expands the range of relatives who can visit foreign residents beyond dependents. To obtain the visitor visa, overseas relatives must apply through a Taiwanese embassy or representative office in their home country and may be asked to undergo an interview.

Relatives wishing to apply for a visa to travel to Taiwan must present proof of their relationship to the Taiwanese citizen or foreign resident they are planning to visit. Those who were previously issued a special entry permit that expired between May 19 and Aug. 18, 2021, can reapply at no extra cost.

MOFA pointed out that more details about eligibility for the visitor visa can be found on this Bureau of Consular Affairs web page. There are six documents applicants must provide:

  1. Visa application form - fill out online form, print out, and sign in person
  2. Two 2-inch color photos taken within six months - background must be white
  3. Original and photocopy of passport - must be valid for more than 6 months and have blank pages
  4. Documents proving residence of relative in Taiwan - household registration, Alien Resident Certificate, or Alien Permanent Resident Certificate
  5. Proof of kinship - birth certificate or household registration and related documents
  6. Other documents as required on case-by-case basis - such as air tickets, e-tickets, travel agency certificates, or employment certificates

Visa waivers, on-arrival visas, and eVisas are still currently suspended. The ministry stated that the policy on visas will continue to evolve in response to the pandemic situation.