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Anonymous' Cyber Anakin hacks 5 Russian websites over Ukraine war

Cyber Anakin previously hacked into Chinese government websites, nuclear power plants, and satellites to get revenge for COVID

(Anonymous screenshot)

(Anonymous screenshot)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A new member of the decentralized collective Anonymous who goes by Cyber Anakin has defaced five Russian websites to protest that country's war in Ukraine.

On Monday (April 11), Cyber Anakin announced on his website that he had hacked into multiple Russian websites on behalf of Anonymous. That same day, a representative of Anonymous confirmed the hacktivist had just joined the collective.

Anonymous' Cyber Anakin hacks 5 Russian websites over Ukraine war
Uncle Sam poster converted into Anonymous recruitment ad. (Anonymous image)

The hacktivist pointed out that the alterations had been made Tuesday (April 12) to coincide with Cosmonauts Day. The targets included the website for Russian heavy metal band Aria (archive), a hockey site (archive), a Panerai watch enthusiasts site (archive), a basketball team (archive), and an educational organization (archive).

When first opening the page, users will be confronted with a series of popup windows with messages such as "Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the defenders," "Russian orcs, go f*** yourself," and "I find the orcs lack of morality disturbing."

Anonymous' Cyber Anakin hacks 5 Russian websites over Ukraine war
Chinese satellite interface previously accessed by hacktivist. (Cyber Anakin image)

The hacks include videos featuring Darth Vader and the "Star Wars" song "The Imperial March," the online game Roblox, the song "Kung Fu Fighting," the music video for "Fragile," and a performance of Ukraine's national anthem by Yo-Yo Ma. Next are several memes showing characters wearing a Guy Fawkes mask and the acronym "A.S.S.," which stands for "Anonymous Strategic Support."

Cyber Anakin pointed out that while suffering from a bout of COVID, he hacked into Chinese computer systems for five days. The targets of his attacks, which he dubbed "Operation Wrath of Anakin: No Time to Die," included government websites, agricultural management systems, coal mine safety interfaces, nuclear power plant interfaces, and satellite interfaces.

Towards the bottom, the hacktivist includes a list of "post-war settlement solutions" proposed by Anonymous. Examples include financial compensation for the victims of Flight MH17, the establishment of a UN interim administration in occupied territories of Ukraine, a referendum on the status of such territories, creation of a neutral security belt in the region, and Russian monetary reparations of at least US$70 billion to Ukraine for reconstruction, among many other demands.

Anonymous' Cyber Anakin hacks 5 Russian websites over Ukraine war
U.S. Navy recruitment poster altered by Anonymous. (Anonymous image)