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Typhoon Malakas merges with tropical storm Megi, poses no threat to Taiwan

Cold front to bring showers to northern Taiwan and lower temperatures Thursday morning

(CWB image)

(CWB image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Tropical storm Malakas intensified into a typhoon on Tuesday (April 12) and merged with tropical storm Megi (Agaton) but poses no threat to Taiwan.

The arrival of a cold air mass is expected to bring rain, and temperatures will drop by 8 degrees Celsius on Thursday (April 14). Meteorologist Daniel Wu (吳德榮) said that Malakas, now west of Guam, will continue to move northward.

The weakening Megi is in the central Philippines, and its vortex will merge with Malakas, Wu said, adding that neither storm will trouble Taiwan.

The meteorologist said western Taiwan will see generally sunny, stable weather on Tuesday and Wednesday (April 13), while the eastern half of the country is expected to experience showers. Temperatures will be summery during the day but cool in the morning and at night.

A cold front will arrive on Thursday morning (April 14) and bring showers or thundershowers to northern Taiwan and lower daytime high temperatures of 24 C, CNA quoted Wu as saying. The front will pass quickly later that day, causing rain to taper off and temperatures to drop, he added.

Affected by northeasterly winds on Friday and Saturday (April 15 and 16), mostly sunny and stable weather is expected across the country on these two days, with occasional showers forecast only for the north coast, mountainous areas in the north, and eastern Taiwan. It will be cool in the north, warm in the south, and a little chilly in the early morning and at night, according to the meteorologist.

Sunny and stable weather across the country and afternoon showers in mountainous areas in central and southern Taiwan are forecast for Sunday (April 17). Temperatures will rise on Sunday, Wu said.

A weak weather front is forecast to affect Taiwan on Monday (April 18), raising the chances of rain across the country, he said.