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Taiwan Music Festival in Kenting cut short after COVID scare

Over 30,000 flooded the free 3-day, Pingtung County Government-sponsored event

Over 30,000 people attended the Taiwan Music Festival, which has been cut short after a COVID case was reported.

Over 30,000 people attended the Taiwan Music Festival, which has been cut short after a COVID case was reported. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Pingtung County-sponsored Taiwan Music Festival has been canceled after an attendee who traveled from northern Taiwan was confirmed with COVID-19.

Organizers made the announcement on the event's Facebook page Sunday morning (April 3), writing, “Dear friends: we must tell everyone some unfortunate news. An individual who had traveled from the north to the south to vacation was present at the event on the evening of April 1 (Friday) and during the day on April 2 (Saturday) until receiving notification from their workplace that a colleague had been diagnosed (with COVID).”

“After taking a self rapid-test and getting a positive result, a Pingtung County Health Bureau anti-COVID ambulance took the individual to a hospital, where the PCR test result was positive,” the organizer added. Attendees were also urged to pay attention to official text messages about the situation and get tested if they were at the event.

“For everyone’s safety, we have made the difficult decision to stop the events for April 3. We understand that everyone must be disappointed, but at least we still have music in our hearts. Let us pray that everyone remains safe, that Taiwan remains safe, and we will definitely be in Kenting to see you next time!”

While fans were disappointed about the cancelation, many commentators on Facebook thanked the organizers for their hard work and urged fellow attendees to exercise caution and help prevent the spread of COVID.

CNA reported that the Pingtung City Government has sent almost 10,000 text messages to those who may have been in contact with the COVID-positive individual, instructing them to get tested as soon as possible. It has also transported 3,000 rapid test kits to nearby Hengchun Township.

The Taiwan Music Festival is the successor to Kenting’s famous Spring Scream, an outdoor music festival that saw over 100 musicians and bands perform every year. According to CNA, over 30,000 people were present during the first two days of this year’s three-day event.

Traffic on the Hengchun Peninsula had reportedly become congested on Friday morning as people made their way to the festival.