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Taiwan announces fare hikes for international and domestic flights

Changes to take effect April 30, due to rising oil prices globally

The CAA has approved airfare hikes scheduled for April 30.

The CAA has approved airfare hikes scheduled for April 30. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The price of tickets for international flights will rise between US$15 (NT$430) and US$39, while domestic air travelers will face an average fare hike of 4.6% or NT$91 (US$3.17) on April 30, the Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) announced Friday (April 1).

The changes are the result of rising international oil prices, CNA reported. The CAA will adjust the fuel surcharge for short-range international flights from US$22.50 to US$30 per one-way flight, and for long-range flights from US$58.50 to US$78.

Fuel surcharges for Taiwan-owned airlines were introduced in July 2015, with the CAA in charge of setting the level according to a formula based on data supplied by the state-owned oil company, CPC Corporation, Taiwan.

Domestic flights saw a fare rise in July, but the changes in average oil prices has forced a new 4.6% hike. As a result, the cost of a one-way ticket between Taipei and the outlying island of Kinmen will increase from NT$2,276 to NT$2,409 on Mandarin Airlines and from NT$2,298 to NT$2,445 on UNI Air, CNA reported.

Travelers who have already bought tickets for flights scheduled on April 30 and after may be asked to pay the difference, in accordance with the rules set by airlines.