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Yageo recruits NCKU international students amid global expansion push

Company founder Pierre Chen, in a speech given at NCKU, encourages curiosity in students in pursuit of knowledge

Yageo Corp. Chairman Pierre Chen (left) posed with NCKU President Jenny Su on a professional workshop on March 30, 2022. 

Yageo Corp. Chairman Pierre Chen (left) posed with NCKU President Jenny Su on a professional workshop on March 30, 2022.  (Taiwan News photo)

TAINAN (Taiwan News) — Taiwan's largest passive components supplier—Yageo— is expanding globally and recently held a recruiting event at National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) in Tainan.

At a hiring event in mid-March, Yageo was looking for international students studying at NCKU who were looking for work in Taiwan or at its overseas locations after completing two years of on the job training at the company's headquarters. The event saw 100 NCKU foreign students and graduates sign up for one-on-one interviews for 20 position openings, including R&D hardware and software engineers, sales specialists, information engineers, and legal advisors.

Yageo's Global Chief Human Resources Officer Alison Tung (童皓怡) said it was the company's first campus hiring event designed for international students in the country, which addresses its rising demand for top talent with a global mindset. The company has completed several international mergers and acquisitions over the past five years, such as the acquisitions of US-based Pulse Electronics in 2018 and KEMET in 2020.

Cooperation between NCKU and Yageo marks a deepening partnership since the launch of co-branded R&D centers in 2020, a scholarship program in 2021, and a co-branded postgraduate program featuring passive components also in 2021.

Founded in 1977 by Chairman Pierre Chen (陳泰銘), an NCKU engineering science graduate, Yageo is the world's leading passive components supplier which has sales offices and factories across Asia, Europe and America, including 20 R&D centers in 25 countries, 49 manufacturing sites, and over 40,000 employees.

The company is the world's largest supplier of chip resistors and tantalum capacitors, as well as the third-largest manufacturer of multilayer ceramic capacitors and inductors. All of which are in high demand from aerospace, automotive, 5G, Internet of Things, power management, and green energy industries, according to an NCKU statement.

NCKU is known for cultivating engineering talent, from semiconductors to AI and for its large network of alumni entrepreneurs. At an entrepreneur event on Wednesday (March 30), Chen encouraged curiosity in students in pursuit of knowledge and told them to leverage school resources to support growth. Meanwhile, NCKU President Jenny Su (蘇慧貞) lauded Chen as an outstanding global entrepreneur who embraces humanistic values and creates a positive impact on the nation's industrial competitiveness.