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Multiple unrelated COVID cases across Taiwan 'warning sign': Chen

CECC head says several isolated cases, clusters 'worrisome'

(Taiwan News, Yuwen Lin image)

(Taiwan News, Yuwen Lin image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) head Chen Shih-chung (陳時中) announced Tuesday (March 29) that the multiple unrelated COVID cases and cluster infections reported across the country that day are a "warning sign" of a potential larger outbreak.

During a press conference that afternoon, Chen announced 33 local cases. He said that in addition to large cluster infections, there are a few isolated cases and clusters that are "worrisome," as they have no workplace or geographical connection to known cases.

Ten cases were reported in Keelung, 10 in New Taipei, three in Taipei, three in Taoyuan, three in Taitung, two in Kaohsiung, and two in Changhua. Among the infections of unknown origin, a cluster infection tied to a saleswoman in New Taipei's Sanchong District (case No. 22,701) has risen to eight.

A couple (case Nos. 23,078 and 23,079) running a pet supplies factory in Changhua County who tested positive for the virus had traveled extensively in both northern and southern Taiwan. Another new infection (case No. 23,063) is a bank employee in Taipei who developed a sore throat on March 27 and sought medical attention after receiving a positive result on a rapid antigen test.

In Taipei's Songshan District, a foreign caregiver in her 20s (case No. 23,064) sought medical attention after developing symptoms, and her employer (case No. 23,065) also tested positive. In New Taipei's Yonghe District, a woman in her 60s (case No. 23,076) developed a fever on March 27 and was diagnosed after seeking medical attention.

A man in his 50s (case No. 23,124) in New Taipei's Tamsui District had a fever on March 26 and was diagnosed with COVID on March 28. In Keelung's Anle District, a man in his 50s (case No. 23,126) sought medical attention on March 26 for general fatigue and was also diagnosed.

Chen said that on Tuesday, there were eight cases in which the source of infection is unclear, with no connection to previously reported cases. Chen said that after two days of epidemiological investigation, their source may become clear, "but this is a warning."

The CECC head said there have been many new clusters and cases with unknown sources of infection over the past two days, including the Taitung County cluster. Chen called on the public to pay special attention to any suspicious symptoms that may arise and go to the nearest testing station to be screened for COVID.