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People help mailman pick up scattered mail on New Taipei street

Traffic voluntarily stopped to allow for all the mail to be picked up

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(Facebook, 我是新莊人 photo) 

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A heartwarming scene played out on a New Taipei City street on Tuesday (March 22) as many people joined a mailman in picking up mail he inadvertently dropped and scattered all over the road, while traffic voluntarily stopped to allow all the mail to be picked up.

Facebook user Chu Yi-ni (朱怡妮) posted a video of the incident to a Facebook group (我是新莊人) dedicated to citizens of Xinzhuang District on Tuesday.

(Facebook, 朱怡妮 video)

The caption on the post said, “A mailman’s mail was scattered all over a busy street in the rainy morning, At the Yau Shen’s [a nearby OB/GYN clinic] counter, nursing staff immediately stopped what they were doing and went to help pick up the mail, which also motivated many passersby to stop walking to join the effort.”

The video shows that most of the cars and scooters in the street stop and wait patiently, with some drivers even pitching in to help, and in the end all the helpers hand the mail back to the mailman before he rides off. Chu said in the caption, “I feel warm and delighted to see colleagues and passersby heartily lending a helping hand.Thank you for filling this world with warmth.”

Chu’s colleague at Yau Shen surnamed Lin (林) said that the nursing staff helping out in the video saw the mailman weaving in and out of the traffic on foot to pick up things, and thought it was dangerous for him to do so, so they went out to check what was going on, per CNA. When they saw that a lot of mail had been scattered around, they voluntarily went to help him, Lin added.