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JustKitchen launches contactless smart delivery pilot program with Panasonic Taiwan

Ghost kitchen operator will deliver orders to smart lockers at Panasonic head office

(Taiwan News photo)

(Taiwan News photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Ghost kitchen operator JustKitchen (JK) announced on Monday (March 21) it has signed an agreement with Panasonic Taiwan for a pilot program to provide food for employees at its head office.

The pilot program will include the use of smart lockers to ensure contactless delivery of food, according to a JK press release. JustKitchen’s JKOS platform will be used to provide Panasonic with a white-label food ordering portal during the pilot.

The approximately 500 employees at Panasonic Taiwan’s head office will be able to order online through the portal. JustKitchen will then deliver the orders to on-premises smart lockers, where Panasonic employees pick them up using unique QR codes once delivery notices have been received.

If the pilot works out, the program may be extended to other Panasonic office locations and offered to other third-party clients where there is limited access to food delivery services or contactless requirements, JustKitchen said.

Smart lockers are effective for food delivery as they are secure, modular, temperature-controlled, and designed to hold packaged food for an extended period of time, the company noted. Each locker includes a smart screen, which allows users to access the locker by scanning a QR code, in addition to a manual keypad.

Delivery drivers will receive instructions from the JKOS platform telling them which orders are to be sent to which lockers.

“This pilot program with Panasonic Taiwan is yet another opportunity for JustKitchen to demonstrate the effectiveness of its business model on a technology enabled B2B basis, as a complement to our core business of fulfilling retail orders from our network of ghost kitchens,” said Jason Chen (陳星豪), co-founder and CEO of JustKitchen.