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Video shows whirlwind 'run' bases in southern Taiwan

Dust devil 'steals' 1st and 2nd base during little league game in Yunlin County

(Facebook, Wang Chia-hao screenshots)

(Facebook, Wang Chia-hao screenshots)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Video surfaced on Saturday (March 19) of a whirlwind suddenly appearing during a baseball game in southern Taiwan and seemingly "running" from first to second base.

During a little league game in Yunlin County between Penghu County's Jiangmei Elementary School and a squad from Hsinchu Municipal Ximen Elementary School, a large dust devil suddenly appeared, causing play to halt temporarily as it made its way from one base to another. The entire incident was captured on video and uploaded to Facebook by a fan of the Penghu-based team, Wang Chia-hao (王家豪).

At the 1:10:55 mark in the video, the dust devil can be seen forming at first base. As the vortex of wind rapidly increased in size and intensity, players from both teams stopped play to observe the phenomenon.

Video shows whirlwind 'run' bases in southern Taiwan
Dust devil starts to form near first base. (Facebook, Wang Chia-hao screenshot)

The first baseman fled to the outfield from what people on the scene were mistakenly labeling a "tornado." The crowd then began to laugh as the dust devil began to "run to second base," prompting the second baseman and shortstop to also move out of the way.

Just before reaching third base, the "tornado" weakened and disappeared. The entire incident lasted a little over one minute, and play resumed several seconds later.

Jiangmei Elementary School ended up winning the game with a score of 4 to 1.