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Kaohsiung to begin construction on new MRT line before year's end

Yellow Line will have 23 stations, serve 1.16 million residents

(Kaohsiung City Government image)

(Kaohsiung City Government image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Kaohsiung City Government has plans to begin construction of its third MRT line before the end of the year, Premier Su Tseng-chang announced on Sunday (March 20).

Su said the Cabinet has already approved a budget for the city’s Yellow Line. Construction is expected to be completed by 2028, he added.

The project will cost NT$144.23 billion (US$5.08 billion), of which the central government will dole out NT$83.38 billion. The city government will pay NT$60.85 billion, per CNA.

The premier urged councilors to support the city government in its efforts to accelerate the completion of the Yellow Line.

According to Kaohsiung City's Mass Rapid Transit Bureau, the Yellow Line will be 22.91 kilometers long and have 23 stations. It will connect to the Red and Orange Lines as well as the Circular Light Rail and a train station.

The line will pass through Niaosong, Sanmin, Lingya, Sinsing, Fengshan, and Chienchen districts, serving about 1.16 million people, approximately 41.8% of the city's population.

The line will also be accessible to students from three universities and seven junior and senior high and vocational schools, the bureau added.