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Hitachi Vantara deletes over 420,000 of PTS Taiwan's stock video clips

Television network set to demand compensation from Japanese storage service provider for whopping data loss

PTS camera crew shooting news video in 2021. 

PTS camera crew shooting news video in 2021.  (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan's independent public broadcasting institution, Public Television Service (PTS), recently lost over 420,000 stock videos, ironically due to the negligence of a data protection contractor.

PTS is set to demand compensation from Hitachi Vantara, whose contract to protect PTS' data, with backup as a service, began in June of last year following a cyber attack on the TV network.

Early last month, PTS employees detected missing footage, mostly news clips produced between 2016 and 2021. They reported the issue to the information security authorities as well as the National Communications Commission, which oversees broadcast media.

An internal investigation soon followed, with up to 424,000 video clips found to have been wiped from the database. Luckily, over 340,000 videos can be retrieved from an IBM tape library and multiple digital media platforms. However, nearly 80,000 cannot be recovered.

For a week, a Mirror Media reporter has been trying to reach the storage service provider for a comment, but to no avail.

PTS said it is working with a lawyer to claim compensation. Hitachi Vantara could also face a penalty for breaching its contract.