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Cabinet advisor calls on Taiwan's Asus to quit Russian market

Asus has not yet responded

ASUS popup exhibition stall.

ASUS popup exhibition stall. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Cheng Hung-huei (鄭宏輝), former Hsinchu city councillor and current member of the Democratic Progressive Party’s Central Executive Committee, has called on computer maker Asus to quit the Russian market and uphold the international reputation of Taiwan’s corporations.

On Thursday (March 10), Ukrainian Vice Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov took to Twitter to call on Asus to halt operations in Russia. He also published a two-page letter to ASUS Chairman Jonney Shih (施崇棠) calling on the company to "end any relationships and stop doing business in the Russian Federation until the Russian aggression in Ukraine is fully stopped and fair order is restored.”

Cheng said in a Facebook post on Saturday (March 12) that Asus should find the courage to say no to Russia and not allow its long-standing reputation to be buried alongside Russia’s atrocities, per a Storm Media report. Asus has not officially responded to the calls to quit Russia.

Cheng pointed out that leading tech firms around the world have supported Ukraine by exiting Russia and that Asus should do the same.

He said the departure of multinationals will put enormous economic pressure on Moscow. He added that the loss of job opportunities and the scarcity of goods will cause unemployment and the cost of living to rise, which will further inflate the Russian ruble, drain Putin’s finances, and increase chances of him losing the war.

Cheng said Asus should take on the responsibility of maintaining the international order and urged the company not to forsake its long-term reputation for the sake of short-term economic gain. Cheng added that all Taiwanese brands still active in Russia should immediately take steps to join the international campaign to boycott the country.