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Many at Los Angeles travel show wonder when Taiwan will open to tourists

Visitors at Taiwan booth also asked when they will not be required to quarantine

Sun Moon Lake (, 垚哥photo)

Sun Moon Lake (, 垚哥photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — American visitors at Taiwan’s booth at the Los Angeles Travel & Adventure Show, which returned March 12-13 after a two-year interruption from the COVID-19 pandemic, have inquired when Taiwan will open up to international tourists.

Song Yi Mun, deputy director of the Korea Tourism Organization’s LA office, told CNA that the South Korean government has recently announced that, starting April 1, no tourists entering South Korea will be required to undergo quarantine if they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Mun said the South Korean government is looking forward to more Americans visiting the country.

Mun said the Korea Tourism Organization introduced VR headsets at its booth to let interested people experience his country’s scenery.

In addition to inquiring about travel information, most visitors at Taiwan’s booth were wondering when the country would open its borders to international visitors and stop requiring them to undergo quarantine on arrival.

A travel enthusiast identified only as Jim said that when he makes travel plans in the post-pandemic era, he will look at how well a foreign country has been doing in terms of pandemic prevention. He believes Taiwan has done well in this regard, he said, and looks forward to traveling there with his wife in the future, per CNA.

A local retiree identified as Mel said he used to keep a travel bucket list and had planned to check all the boxes while enjoying his retired life. However, the pandemic upended his plans, and he said he would look at how pandemic prevention measures in other countries are being relaxed before considering whether to travel there.

Mel said he was very interested in Taiwan, as he had learned from his studies that “Taiwan’s history is longer than American history" and that it and China are different countries. However, he said when he learned that a quarantine is required to enter Taiwan, he instantly backed away.

Stephen Lennon, a U.S. Navy retiree in his 70s, said he was looking forward to revisiting Taiwan for the first time in 50 years after its pandemic prevention measures are relaxed. He said he was in his 20s when he last traveled to the country and that he longs to go back to see what has changed there over the years.