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Taiwan raises NT$530 million in donations for Ukraine in 1 week

Record single donation of US$1 million made on Thursday

(Facebook, Tsai Ing-wen photo)

(Facebook, Tsai Ing-wen photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan's campaign to raise donations for Ukrainian refugees has reached nearly NT$530 million (US$18.66 million) within a little over a week.

In order to assist Ukrainian refugees fleeing the ongoing war, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) announced on March 2 that it had set up a special account through the Relieve Disaster Foundation. By Thursday (March 10), the special account had received NT$404.97 million in donations, while NT$117 million had been donated through the online payment platform WaBay, bringing the total to NT$521.98 million, according to the foundation.

As of Thursday, there had been 84,878 donations, with the largest single donation being NT$28.38 million. By Friday (March 11), the number of donations had risen to 87,060 to reach a total of NT$529.72 million in funds sent.

Those wishing to make a donation to MOFA's relief fund for Ukrainian refugees via credit card can visit the Stand for freedom: Ukrainian refugee aid program website. To send a donation by ATM or bank transfer, see the payment information listed below:

Account name: Relieve Disaster Foundation (財團法人賑災基金會)

Bank name: Land Bank of Taiwan (005) (土地銀行 長春分行)

Account number: 102-005-124-619

Donations can also be made via this WaBay page.

Taiwan raises NT$530 million in donations for Ukraine in 1 week
(Taiwan News image)