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Kapok flowers blooming in southwestern Taiwan countryside

Kapok flowers flanking Linchupi Kapok Road form fiery canopy

(<a href="">台灣拼圖- 阿志</a>photo) 

(cyberisland.teldap.tw台灣拼圖- 阿志photo) 

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Kapok flowers are expected to be in full bloom along a country road in Tainan City’s Baihe District this weekend.

The 2022 Kapok Flowers Festival in Baihe’s Linchupi area began March 5 and will last until March 20, according to the Baihe District Office.

The 867-meter Linchupi Kapok Road is flanked by kapok trees. During blossom season, the blooming flowers on both sides of the road form a reddish orange canopy, attracting many visitors and photography enthusiasts every year. Linchupi boasts 715 kapok trees in total, according to Tainan Outlook, which is dedicated to activities in the southern city.

Kapoks, also known as red silk-cottons, are deciduous trees with buds that blossom into five-petal arrangements of bright red.

Visitors are recommended to take Singing Bus Yellow Line 6-1 (新營客運黃幹線6-1號) from Houbi Train Station or another station and get off at the Linchupi stop. Bicycle rentals are available in the Linchupi area.

For more information about transportation, activities, and performances, visit the Tainan Outlook website.

Kapok flowers blooming in southwestern Taiwan countryside
(cyberisland.teldap.tw台灣拼圖- 阿志 photo)