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DJ Koo plans to move Barbie Hsu's family from Taiwan to South Korea

Couple has not met in person in over 20 years

Koo Jun-yup (left), Barbie Hsu. (Instagram, DJ Koo/ CNA photos)

Koo Jun-yup (left), Barbie Hsu. (Instagram, DJ Koo/ CNA photos)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Hot on the heels of his surprise marriage to Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu (徐熙媛), South Korean musician Koo Jun-yup says that he plans to take her and her children back to his home country, despite the fact that the newlyweds have not met person in over two decades

On Tuesday (March 8), Hsu, known in Taiwan as "Big S" (大S), shocked her fans when she announced that she had married Koo, who goes by the stage name DJ Koo, just three months after announcing her divorce with Chinese entrepreneur Wang Xiaofei (汪小菲). Koo, who had dated Hsu 24 years ago, said that upon hearing about the divorce, he reconnected with her and soon proposed, "and she eventually accepted."

The two have now reportedly completed their marriage registration in South Korea and are determined to form a multinational family. As for where the family will live, Koo told South Korean media, "I plan to go back to Korea with Hsi-yuan (Hsu)," reported ETtoday.

Koo said that when he found out about Hsu's divorce, he searched for the phone number he had kept for over 20 years and was pleasantly surprised that it still worked. He said that after frequent phone calls, their love was "rekindled."

Because those without residency or who are not family members of residents are currently prohibited from entering Taiwan, Koo proposed to Hsu over the phone. He is set to arrive in Taiwan on Wednesday (March 9) to begin his quarantine.

Regarding his plans for his visit, Koo told South Korean media: "I will go to greet Hsi-yuan's family and become closer to her children. After staying in Taiwan for about two months, I plan to return to South Korea with Hsi-yuan."

Hsu has an eight-year-old daughter and six-year-old son from her previous marriage to Chinese entrepreneur Wang Xiaofei (汪小菲). They both live with Hsu in Taiwan, where they go to school.

It is not yet certain whether Hsu's children will go with her if she moves to South Korea. Hsu is reportedly planning on waiting until Koo arrives to discuss the matter.

The children reportedly already knew in advance that Hsu was remarrying, and her agent stated that they were "both very happy" to hear the news. According to the agent, other members of Hsu's family also have a very positive attitude about the union.