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Russia adds Taiwan to list of ‘unfriendly’ nations

Russia publishes list of unfriendly countries in response to sanctions over Ukraine war

Vladimir Putin. (AP photo)

Vladimir Putin. (AP photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan has been included in a list of “unfriendly” nations released by Russia on Monday (March 7) in response to global sanctions imposed on it for its invasion of Ukraine.

The list released by Russian state media includes Ukraine, the U.S., EU countries, the U.K., Canada, Montenegro, Switzerland, Albania, Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, North Macedonia, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Micronesia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Taiwan.

Russian companies doing business with these countries will now be required to obtain special government authorization, Newsweek cited Russia as saying. Countries on the list have taken “unfriendly actions against Russia, Russian companies, and citizens,” Russia said.

“Russian citizens and companies, the state itself, its regions and municipalities that have foreign exchange obligations to foreign creditors from the list of unfriendly countries will be able to pay them in rubles,” the decree added. “The new temporary procedure applies to payments exceeding 10 mln rubles per month (or a similar amount in foreign currency).”

Countries around the world have announced tough sanctions on Russia in response to the Ukraine invasion. Sanctions have caused the ruble to plunge in value, in addition to sending the share prices of Russian companies trading overseas downward, according to Newsweek.