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Cram school teachers, migrant workers can enter Taiwan with 10-day quarantine

Foreign cram school teachers can now enter Taiwan as 'business travelers'

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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan on Monday (March 7) opened up to foreign cram school teachers under its business traveler category and lowered the quarantine for both white-collar professionals and migrant workers from 14 days to 10 days.

Foreign professionals who can now apply for business visas include workers recruited by Taiwanese companies, managers of foreign or overseas Taiwan-invested companies, athletes, coaches, entertainers, and cram school teachers. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stipulates that foreigners in these categories must first apply for a special entry permit at a Taiwanese representative office overseas.

In addition, the Ministry of Labor (MOL) stated that effective on Monday, the number of quarantine days for migrant workers has also been shortened to 10 days. After the quarantine is completed, migrant workers must remain in the same quarantine facility for their seven days of self-health monitoring.

Under the new "10 plus 7" quarantine scheme, travelers must first undergo a PCR test upon arrival in Taiwan and another one on the 10th day of quarantine. They must also take rapid antigen tests on the third, fifth, and seventh day of quarantine as well as on the third and either sixth or seventh day of self-health monitoring, while the rapid antigen test results should be reported to the MOL's Entry And Departure Of The Foreign Labor Airport Care Service website.

Arrivals now have the option of spending their entire 10-day quarantine at home, but they must be able to maintain the principle of "one person per household" at their residence or a relative or friend's.

The Central Epidemic Command Center's definition of "one household" is as follows:

  1. Independent home address
  2. Independent entrance and exit that do not connect with a living area shared by non-quarantining persons
  3. During the quarantine period, non-quarantining persons do not enter the home

Those who are unable to meet these requirements must undergo quarantine in an epidemic prevention hotel or quarantine center.