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Taiwan begins 10-day quarantine, opens to business travelers

Overseas arrivals can now spend quarantine at home as long as they can follow 'one person per home' principle

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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The mandatory quarantine for overseas arrivals was shortened to 10 days on Monday (March 7), and borders were opened to business travelers.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare reduced this period from 14 days, and quarantines are still followed by seven days of self-health monitoring. Foreigners can now apply for special entry permits for business-related activities, such as investment and execution of business contracts.

Business travelers

Foreign professionals who can now apply for business visas include workers recruited by Taiwanese companies, managers of foreign or overseas Taiwan-invested companies, teachers hired by cram schools, athletes, coaches, and entertainers. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stipulates that foreigners in these categories must first apply for a special entry permit at a Taiwanese representative office overseas.

Businesspeople from China, Hong Kong, and Macau may apply for entry upon invitation by organizations in Taiwan for the purpose of executing business contracts or for internal transfers within multinational corporations. People from Hong Kong and Macau can apply through Taiwan's representative offices in those territories, while business travelers from other parts of China must have the Taiwanese organization inviting them apply through the National Immigration Agency's online platform on their behalf.

10-day home quarantine

Under the new "10 plus 7" quarantine scheme, two PCR tests and four rapid antigen tests will be required. Arrivals now have the option of spending their entire 10-day quarantine at home, but they must be able to maintain the principle of "one person per household" at their residence or a relative or friend's.

Arrivals must first undergo a PCR test upon arrival in Taiwan and another one on the 10th day of quarantine. They must also take rapid antigen tests on the third, fifth, and seventh day of quarantine as well as on the third and either sixth or seventh day of self-health monitoring.

The Central Epidemic Command Center's (CECC) definition of "one household" is as follows:

  1. Independent home address
  2. Independent external entrance and exit that do not connect with a living area shared by non-quarantining persons
  3. During the quarantine period, non-quarantining persons do not enter the home

Those who are unable to meet these requirements must undergo quarantine in an epidemic prevention hotel or quarantine center.

10-day quarantine for COVID contacts

People who are listed as a contact of a confirmed COVID case will now also only need to quarantine for 10 days. They must test for COVID on the first and last day of their quarantine.

They must also take a rapid antigen test between the fifth and seventh day of quarantine, as well as one at the end of the self-health monitoring period. If they develop symptoms during quarantine, they must take an additional PCR test.

Like arrivals from overseas, contacts of COVID cases can undergo quarantine at home. However, they must follow the principle of "one person per room," meaning that they can prove to the CECC that they are not sharing a room or bathroom with anyone in the same home.