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Financial Times features new Taipei landmark

Newspaper selects TPAC as 'art space of the future'

Financial Times picked TPAC as an art space of the future. (Screenshot photo, FT)

Financial Times picked TPAC as an art space of the future. (Screenshot photo, FT)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The new “Taipei Performing Arts Center” (TPAC) was selected by the Financial Times as a promising arts venue that could redefine the future.

Located in the nation’s capital, the new theater is known by foreign media such as CNN, the Guardian, and Time Magazine. This year, it was featured in the Financial Times in February before its trial run began this month.

The newspaper selected three venues in Asia and Europe this year that stand out architecturally, including the TPAC, calling each an “art space of the future.” Designed by the Office for Metropolitan Architecture, the transformable building contains three theaters, the most eye-catching one being the magic Globe, which can host an audience of 1,500.

According to the article, this commissioned project cost NT$6.7 billion (US$237 million) and was funded by the city government. The firm drew inspiration from its neighborhood and must-go places for tourists like the Shilin Night Market, chosen for its gourmet-wise vibe.

Architect David Gianotten called Taipei is a unique city. “The way people deal with culture is different to many places in the world — it’s part of life,” he said. People have already given the Globe nicknames, such as "egg" or, as many locals have dubbed it: “century egg tofu,” a common street food in Taiwan.

The TPAC's two-month trial operation has been taken charge of by Chairwoman Liu Rou-yu (劉若瑀) and CEO Austin Wang (王孟超). Wang expects the venue will host 600 events and performances that attract 600,000 total visitors annually.

The trial operation will run through May 15, and there is a 40% discount during this period.. For more information, visit the official Facebook page.