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Taiwan Army conducts live-fire exercise to improve combat capability

Army helicopters fire off rockets, machine guns

Taiwan Army helicopters. (Military News Agency photo) 

Taiwan Army helicopters. (Military News Agency photo) 

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Army Aviation and Special Forces Command conducted a multi-day live-fire exercise to increase its combat capability and familiarize pilots with air-to-surface weapons.

The drills were held at the Hengchun Joint Training Base and featured Apache, Blackhawk, SuperCobra, and Kiowa helicopters. The pilots fired traditional ammunition, including Hydra rockets and 30mm and 7.62 machine guns at targets with great accuracy, reflecting high-quality training, the Liberty Times reported Friday (March 4).

A captain surnamed Dai (戴), who flies Kiowa helicopters, said that this is the second time he has come to Hengchun for a live-fire exercise. Usually, training is entirely simulated, he said.

When firing live ammunition, it is necessary to not only be familiar with the operation and status of the weapon but also to the approach sequence of each aircraft and to complete firing within a time frame, Dai said.