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Ghost playground in Taiwan's Nantou poised to reopen to public

Upgraded playground has been sitting childless for seven months

Empty slides sit in a playground in Nantou's Zhongshan Park. 

Empty slides sit in a playground in Nantou's Zhongshan Park.  (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A playground in Nantou County is expected to open to the public in the near future once authorities approve a final safety review.

The playground, located in Zhongshan Park, has remained closed despite the completion of construction many months ago, sparking inquiries from residents, per a CNA report. Responding to the public, the Nantou County Government released a statement Thursday (March 3) stating that the playground already conforms to all the safety standards but that the final report is pending approval.

After liaising with the unit responsible for managing the case, the county government said the playground should be opened in the coming days.

Contractors completed their upgrades to the playground last August, and it passed the first safety review on Dec. 16, 2021, according to county authorities. It passed the second safety review on Jan. 26.

Yet because of adjustments to relevant safety standards by Taiwan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare, playgrounds must now be subjected to a third procedural check. This has resulted in a large number of applications, meaning an extended waiting period, the statement said.