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MOFA prepares evacuation of last 17 Taiwanese in Ukraine

Taiwanese students stuck in Turkey allowed to board March 3 flight home

Bus evacuating 18 Taiwanese from Ukraine arrived in Poland Saturday, Feb. 26. (MOFA photo)

Bus evacuating 18 Taiwanese from Ukraine arrived in Poland Saturday, Feb. 26. (MOFA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) said Tuesday (March 1) it is working on a route to evacuate the last 17 Taiwanese in Ukraine.

A total of 36 Taiwanese students, business people, and residents have already left the Eastern European country as a result of the Russian invasion, including 18 who were evacuated by bus to neighboring Poland.

MOFA has made a list of Taiwanese still in Ukraine and drawn up a safe route to prepare for a second bus, CNA reported. The Taiwanese trade center in Kyiv and representative offices in Russia and Poland are keeping in touch with the Taiwanese and keeping track of their needs through social networks, according to MOFA Spokeswoman Joanne Ou (歐江安). She emphasized that Taiwan has already made 11 requests for citizens to leave Ukraine.

In a separate development, Taiwanese students who had been living in Ukraine that are stuck in Turkey will be allowed to fly home on Wednesday (March 3) after a misunderstanding is cleared up, Ou said.

The Taiwan representative office in Poland had issued a list of Taiwanese returning from Ukraine who are not required to present negative PCR test results before their flight. However, after more names were added to the list, Turkish Airlines ground staff refused to let the Taiwanese board the flight.

As the Taiwanese office has submitted an updated list, the students will reportedly be allowed to board the next flight on Wednesday.