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Taiwan's ESG dashboard to include S&P Global ESG scores in 2022

(TDCC photo)

(TDCC photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan's publicly accessible, expert-curated ESG dashboard will see the addition of well-known S&P Global ESG scores this year amid the global push for a green recovery after COVID-19.

Tasked with promoting good corporate governance, the Taiwan Depository and Clearing Corporation (TDCC) launched the online dashboard in 2019. Officially known as the Investor Relations (IR) Platform, it has become a reliable reference for corporate issuers, financial institutions, and retail investors and includes ESG (environmental, social, and governance) scores for locally listed companies from top global ESG data providers.

ESG data and climate intelligence data is cross-checked, validated, and standardized across the 11,000+ companies assessed for S&P Global ESG scores. Through the S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA), over 2,200 companies engage directly with S&P Global to provide in depth information to support the development of S&P Global ESG Scores. S&P Global ESG Scores along with the underlying ESG data is made available through various S&P Global Market Intelligence delivery channels.

Jane Huang (黃蓁蓁), Head of the TDCC's Issuer Services Department said: "The addition potentially makes the TDCC's ESG dashboard the world's first comprehensive database of the kind. To align with the TDCC's mission to promote responsible investing and good corporate governance in Taiwan, the dashboard is open to the public and free to use.” she stated.

Manjit Jus, Global Head of ESG Research, S&P Global Sustainable said: "Company level data on ESG continues to grow in significance as businesses navigate the transition to a sustainable future while accounting for stakeholder interests. S&P Global is delighted to work with TDCC to help increase transparency on ESG performance,” he stated.