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2 Taiwanese, 2 Filipino workers at Career, Askey test positive for COVID in northern Taiwan

Employees of Career Technology, Askey Computer test positive for COVID in New Taipei, Taoyuan

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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Four workers at electronics factories tested positive for COVID on Tuesday (Feb. 15) in northern Taiwan.

CECC head Chen Shih-chung (陳時中) announced that two Taiwanese workers at a Career Technology Co. (嘉聯益) factory in New Taipei City, and two Filipino Askey Computer Corp. (亞旭電腦) workers at a Farglory Free Trade Zone factory in Taoyuan City tested positive. He said all four cases had initially tested negative but later tested positive during quarantine.

Chen pointed out that Taiwan's case No. 19,795 was found to be positive after Career Technology resumed work Monday (Feb. 14) following a shutdown over COVID cases. The worker's husband (case no. 19,794), also tested positive.

Tests conducted on 68 colleagues have come back negative. Coworkers stationed on the same floor as case No. 19,795 have entered quarantine, while employees in other sections of the factory who have tested negative twice have resumed work.

According to Chen, large-scale testing was also conducted at the Askey Computer factory in the Farglory Free Trade Zone on Monday. All 1,775 workers tested negative for the virus.

Currently, the majority of the people being quarantined are migrant workers. The latest confirmed cases in the cluster infection tested positive after being tested for a second time.

Among the 253 people who are undergoing quarantine, one person (case No. 19,764), a woman from the Philippines in her 20s, developed a sore throat, cough, and congestion and was diagnosed after a medical examination. Another quarantining worker (case No. 19,796), also a Filipino woman in her 20s, received a positive result from a PCR test.