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Subkarma building metaverse-ready brand marketing for Taiwan with NFTs

NFT projects using Taiwan's name can resist censorship by ‘BIG W and his gang’

"Untamable Be4r" NFT by ( photo)

"Untamable Be4r" NFT by ( photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan’s is launching a number of Non-Fungible Token (NFT) projects as the brand marketing firm pivots toward metaverse-ready marketing campaigns. – a part of the Subkarma marketing group – is Taiwan’s first Decentralized Autonomous Branding Agency (D.A.B.A), according to a BlockTelegraph report. It wants to ready its clients for metaverse marketing over the next couple of years through a range of new initiatives and build community around NFTs too.

Their current projects include the 101 Untamable Be4r NFT Project and the TW-BE4R NFT Freedom Project. The Untamable Be4rs, which are limited to 101 in total and feature unique hand-drawn illustrations, per

The decentralized nature of the metaverse makes it perfect for using the name ‘Taiwan’ in marketing campaigns, per BlockTelegraph. The TW-BE4Rs meanwhile, are seeking out the metaverse as a safe space where they can resist censorship by what SubKarma simply refer to as “BIG ‘W’ and his gang!” The metaverse’s decentralization makes it harder to prevent the use of the name ‘Taiwan’ in marketing campaigns, per BlockTelegraph.

Whitelisting for access to purchase the Untamable Be4r NFTs is by invitation only. SubKarma’s Discord Community is free to access however, and participation is rewarded, its website claims.