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Bodies of 2 Taiwanese who died while river tracing remain stuck underwater after 2 months

They fell while climbing and their bodies were trapped in a deep pool

(Search and rescue workers photo)

(Search and rescue workers photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The bodies of two Taiwanese men who died after falling into water and being washed away by currents during a river tracing trip in December last year remain stuck between rocks in a deep pool after multiple attempts to get their bodies out of the water failed.

On Dec. 10, the two men, surnamed Tu (杜) and Lo (羅), and their guide surnamed Hsu (許) embarked on a river tracing trip to Lulu Hot Spring in Taitung County, CNA reported. However, Tu and Lo went missing after being washed away by river currents on the next day during the trip.

After the accident, Taitung County’s police bureau and fire department, the Chinese Taipei River Tracing Association, and local porters have engaged in search and rescue efforts, the report said.

After searching for more than one month, they found the two men’s remains stuck between rocks about three meters underwater by using underwater cameras, according to the report. Families of the victims were originally hoping that their loved ones’ bodies could be brought home before the Lunar New Year (LNY), but due to the difficulties of getting the bodies out of the water, all the units participating in the mission have been unable to do anything about the situation, and for more than two months, the victims’ bodies have remained underwater.

On Feb. 10, Marine Corps’ Amphibious Reconnaissance and Patrol Unit members and police took a National Airborne Service Corps Black Hawk helicopter to the hot spring for the purposes of exploration. However, as the river currents were stronger than those prior to the LNY holiday, they were not able to reach where the bodies are located, and turned back on Feb. 11.

Search and rescue workers told CNA that there are three waterfalls in the area where the two men perished. They fell into the water while climbing up the third waterfall, and their bodies were trapped in a deep pool above the second waterfall.