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Taiwan’s NDC proposes US$6.47 billion infrastructure plan for 2023-2024

Budget looks to fund green energy, chips, IoT, 5G, AI, cybersecurity

Tsengwen Dam. 

Tsengwen Dam.  (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Government agencies have proposed an NT$180 billion (US$6.47 billion) infrastructure development plan, the National Development Council (NDC) said on Tuesday (Feb. 8).

The proposed budget for the fourth stage of the Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program would be used from 2023-2024, according to CNA. The budget is slated for review by the NDC mid-year before it's decided how the money will be allocated.

The NDC said in a press release that the government plans to use the fourth-stage budget on infrastructure projects, including green energy, angstrom-sized semiconductors, internet of things, 5G, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity. It also wants to use the funds to close the gap between urban and rural development.

The third phase of the infrastructure plan allocated NT$229.83 billion for 2021 and 2022. The NDC said NT$124.06 billion was set aside for 2021, of which 92.27% had been used as of December on several projects, including installing air conditioners in most school classrooms, improving water supply infrastructure, and subsidizing 5G connectivity.

The council added that the government will spend the NT$105.77 billion budgeted for this year on boosting economic growth in response to the pandemic.

The Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program was designed to build infrastructure in Taiwan over the next 30 years. It includes funding in eight categories: railway projects, water infrastructure resistant to climate change, green energy infrastructure, digital infrastructure, urban and rural projects to balance overall development, child care facilities, food safety infrastructure, and human resources infrastructure.