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Taiwan backs EU's WTO case against China over Lithuania dispute

Taiwan foreign ministry says it will monitor WTO case developments

Lithuanian flag. (Getty images)

Lithuanian flag. (Getty images)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Taiwan foreign ministry on Tuesday (Feb. 8) extended its support for the EU in its World Trade Organization (WTO) case against China over its economic coercion against Lithuania.

The EU filed a case last month in the WTO accusing China of wrongly boycotting Lithuania and violating international economic and trade norms.

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Joanne Ou said in a virtual press briefing that Taiwan will closely monitor the developments of the case, and it wholeheartedly supports Lithuania and the EU. “We firmly believe that any violation of international norms will be condemned and corrected.”

China has used improper economic and trade measures to pressure other countries many times in the past, causing trouble and abhorrence, Ou said. All WTO members should abide by international norms, she stressed.

Ou said Taiwan calls on China to abandon any inappropriate economic measures and immediately stop its economic coercion tactics against Lithuania and other countries.