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Taiwan military maintained combat readiness over LNY break

Various units conducted military drills to defend nation's border

Tanks roll out onto streets in Penghu County.

Tanks roll out onto streets in Penghu County. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The military maintained a state of combat readiness by conducting drills over the Lunar New Year holiday.

During the holiday, troops stuck to their posts and continued to carry out various training and combat readiness operations, Youth Daily reported Monday (Feb. 7).

The Army’s 2nd joint battalion of the Guandu Area Command and the 2nd joint battalion of the 333rd Mechanized Infantry Brigade carried out combat readiness and reconnaissance missions so that soldiers could familiarize themselves with their duties and the local terrain to gradually improve their combat capability.

The armored battalion of the Penghu Defense Command, the Dongyin Area Command, and other units carried out various combat readiness drills as well to improve the ability of troops to respond to unexpected developments in the Taiwan Strait and defend national security.

The Navy and Air Force also did not let their guard down, continuing routine patrols to defend Taiwan’s border, per the Liberty Times.