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Hsieh vows to form majority bloc in Legislature if elected president

Former Kaohsiung mayor Frank Hsieh vowed Thursday night to put together a majority alliance in the Legislature, if he wins the 2008 presidency, so that the government's policy initiatives will not suffer repeated setbacks as seen in the last seven years.
Hsieh, who assorted polls assign a small lead over three other ruling Democratic Progressive Party presidential hopefuls, said in the third and last TV debate that he will continue to promote the theme of reconciliation and co-existence as partisan rivalry has dragged down the nation's economy.
Hsieh said while he will do his best to uphold Taiwan's sovereignty, he suggested the country should not withdraw from the 2008 Olympic Games after rejecting Beijing's offer to take part in the torch relay next March.
"It is a bad idea for Taiwan to quit participation in major international events," he said.“Rather, under my leadership, the country will boldly seek to host the 2020 Olympic Games despite the slim chance of realizing the bid.”
Hsieh further pointed out he enjoyed an approval rating of 82 percent when he worked as Kaohsiung mayor whereas the figure for former Taipei mayor Ma Ying-jeou hovered around 70 percent.
He cited the statistics as saying he emerged the best candidate to run for president on behalf of the DPP after the main opposition Kuomintang named Ma its presidential nominee Wednesday.

Updated : 2021-07-25 11:14 GMT+08:00