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Ransomware Protection Market is expected to be worth US $ 83.70 billion by 2030 | (CAGR) compound annual growth rate: 19%


The global market for ransomware protection is projected to reach US $ 17.36 billion in 2021 and US $ 83.70 billion in 2030, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) during the 2022-2030 forecast period. It is estimated to grow by 19%.

The ransomware threat is to keep victims out of the data if they don’t pay the ransom. Encrypted malware includes the ransom. The most common ransom is by experts. Locking the device in an easy way to get it back, but more complex malware uses a technique called cryptovirus blackmail that encrypts files to make them inaccessible and demands a ransom payment. It is important to protect yourself from ransom in order to detect and limit payments. Ransom protects not only the system, but also the data.

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Factors Affecting

Market Growth Market Growth: Phishing Attacks, Targeted Security Violations, Availability of Ransomware as a Service, etc. There are several factors that contribute to the global growth of the ransomware

market: Market Opportunities: Global driven by increasing demand for data backup and recovery solutions, shared threat intelligence by enterprises, and the requirements of multi-tiered security strategies. There are favorable opportunities for market growth.

Market threats: Increased average ransom and lack of security expert awareness can slow global market growth.

COVID-19 Impact Analysis

Ransomware Global growth in the protection market became noticeable during COVID-19, as most people working from home are more likely to be victims of ransomware attacks. Crime groups Increasingly exploiting COVID-19-themed phishing incentives. Remote work increases the risk of ransomware attacks. Ransomware attacks weaken the control of homes and information technology and users Is increasing as they are more likely to click on COVID-19-themed ransomware emails, so companies will take ransomware countermeasures to prevent attacks on their data.

Going forward, North America will be the largest source of revenue for cybersecurity vendors, followed by Europe, and the Asia Pacific region is expected to grow rapidly during the forecast period and the economies of these regions will grow rapidly.

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List of major players profiled in the global ransomware protection market

· Microsoft Corporation

· Sophos Limited

· Intel Security

· Symantec Corporation

· Kaspersky Lab

· Malware bytes Corporation

· McAfee Incorporated

· Avast Software SRO

· Cisco System Incorporated

· Palo Alto Networks Incorporated

· SentinelOne

· Zscaler, Incorporated

· Other Prominent Players

Segment Analysis

The global ransomware protection market segmentation focuses on solutions, services, applications, deployment modes, organizational size, industry, and region.

Solution-based segmentation

, stand-alone ransomware protection software

, and safety. Web gateway

· Application control

· IDS / IPS (Intrusion detection system / Intrusion prevention system)

· Web filtering

· Threat intelligence

· Other

service-based segmentation

· Professional services

· Consulting

· Training and education

· Support and maintenance

· Based on managed service

applications Segmentation

, network protection

, endpoint protection

, email protection

, database protection

, web protection

, segmentation based on deployment

, cloud


Organization-based segmentation

· SMEs

· Large enterprises

industry-based segmentation

· Government · Defense

· BFSI (Banking / Financial Services · Insurance)

· Information Technology · Communications

· Healthcare

· Education

· Energy and Utilities

· Retail

· Other

Regions Looking at
North America

  • America
  • Canada
  • Mexico

western Europe

  • England
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Other Western European countries

Eastern Europe

  • Poland
  • Russia
  • Other Eastern European countries


  • China
  • India
  • Japan
  • Australia / New Zealand
  • Association of Southeast Asian Nations
  • Other Asia Pacific regions

Middle East / Africa (MEA)
United Arab Emirates (UAE)

  • Saudi Arabia
  • South Africa
  • Other Middle East / Africa regions

South America

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