Pinoy Text Club

Pinoy Text Club

Just want 2 grit Rhoda of Chiayi. Frnd c Lord iingatan ka! Ms q n chika2 natin. Ingatz! -- Ate Lina of Chiayi 0921-453-422

Hello 2 my frens n Taipei nemly Dories Coloso, Dhel, Te Naty (hope d u magbabago). 2 my tita Mae Rizada of Taipei, I luv u tita. hello 2 m lving sis Lilyvel Murillo of taoyuan. Happy bday sis. -- Lovelyn of Taipei 0953-107-964

I just wnt 2 gret my frends namely Glenda, Leony, Romebel, Lucy, Ruth & ante Adela. Take care always. God bles. -- Gina of Chiayi

Hello 2 Mylen Dulos of taichung. Gang, musta u na? Mis u n talga. 2 ol Ilonggos, I luv u all! -- Lovelyn of Taipei 0953-107-964

Thanks 2 ate Lina. Mamimiz kta. In fairness, u knw naman kng gaano kboring work q lalo n ngaun d n tayo magkapitbahay. -- Apple Pie 0952-199-225

Hi 2 Faye, Liza, Nikka, Lou, Nice, Kath, n i'd lyk 2 say thank you 2 Mr. Cancer of Shiaokang. U knw hu u r! Evn tho u dont love me anymore, ok lng bsta ol i knw us dat if u lov some1 set him free at wag taung mghntay ng kplit db? Wishing u hpines. God bles us ol. -- M of Gushan

To MJ of Taipei: Thank u 4 stepping into my lyf. I love u baby! -- Tagz of Tainan

Just wnt 2 greet Josie Infante of Taipei a happy birthday. Frend, may u hav joy, peace n happiness on ur bday. God bles u always. -- Bhabes

Gritings to my sweet friend Siegfred. -- Beth of Taipei

Just wnt 2 grit Mr. Bernie a hpy bday. May d Lord bles u and gve u d best gift. Mre bdays 2 come! -- Friends from Tri Gen Hospital

Jst wna say ola! to Jhie An, Norma, Mai, Jie Jie of Linkou, ian of Quieshan, Mei of Taipei, my c'zin Reg'z of taichung, my bstfrend ate merlyn of chayi. I mis u so much. Jujie, hpy trip. I dnt wnt 2 say gudbye pren kc lam kong bbalik u d2. Blisan u lng ha? -- Melanie of Linkou 0963-354-493

Hilo 2 my fren Ailyn, te ganda, te kyut, te Leth, Flor, Ofy, Oly, and Romer. Romer, we're praying 4 ur mother and your early release. -- Augy

Bon voyage 2 Joan of Taipei on May 26 n 2 Jenny of Tainan on May 22. Also grit q na rin cla Mble of Gushan, Flor of Ping2ng @ Jane of Taipei. Sna byuti p rin kau kahit bz sa work. -- Ate Nhicksky of Kaohsiung

Grit q po mga k-bldg ko d2 sa Melody Plaza, Taoyuan namely Yolly, Shirly, Imee, Mary, Jas, Remy, Steph, Lyn, Chen & Vic. Magmahalan po tau! -- Malou

I need some frends here specially those residing in Taichung, Tantsu. -- Bhen of Hsinchuang 0918-206-424

Grtings 2 gnda mommy Evelyn C., Jenifer H., Imelda & Nitz F. Mgandang araw po! Pro mas maganda laban ni Pacquiao lst month dva? hehe! Ptlastas lng po. -- Icemint

I wud lyk 2 congratulate my son Lester John O. Dasalla 4 getting elected into d Student Council in Bicol University's Nursing Dept. Im so proud of u nono kc scholar kna. Doble mg hirap c mami d2 sa Taiwan, sulit naman! Mis u so much! -- Mama Whilma of Linkou

I want 2 greet my cozon Miss Raquel "Kate" Piloton of SMI a hapy, hapy bday last Apr 21 n also 2 Ms. Lorena I on apr 20. May u hav many more bdays 2 cme. 2 d pride of Changhua, Ms. Nitz Frondarina, congratulations for wining d EEC Creative Writing contest held recently. Greetings from ur SMI family. -- Ryan M. Acenas of SMI-Taiwan

Hi 2 Mr. Acenas of SMI-Taiwan. Ntawa me tlg s cnbi u ke Ms. Luvly Ana of Sunwang Co. Ltd. I hop mgkbati n kau. Bad yn my kaaway bka kau mgktuluyan? Tc! -- MJB of Taichung

Hve a nice day sis (Nitz). Im so inspired by ur essay contribution. Nitz, Im so proud of u! Luv yah! -- Ate Malou of Changhua

Forget d things that made u sad & remember those that made u glad. Fprget d troubles that passed away & remembre d blessings dat come eash day! A msg 4 my fren, Romer. -- Liouying

Jst wnt 2 grit my one n only mhal, Lou. Tnx 4 evrything. Most of all I thank God for having finally met someone lyk u. I wil always lav u. -- Baby2k6

God bles kabayan! I ned txtmates esp thos from Tainan. My # 0919-461-114. More power! -- Riz of Tainan County

Birthday greetings from Saudi Arabia to Adie Macasil! She celebrated her bday last Apr 15. May God bless u. More bdays to come!

Greetings to my frends n Taiwan namely Tess, Ron, Jen, Em2, auntie Bebe of Tainan, Rosel, Glen, Arnil, Liza and May Ann of Taipei. Gud luck wid ur careers. To my husband, Ronnie Arat: Congrats @ pumasa ka sa mdical mo. Hope u wont change. I miz u. -- Jerisa Arat of Tainan

Hi 2 Prima R, kumare Jona of Taipei & her hsband pare Jhun Lorenzo f K'siung, Kuya Bong, Kuya Philip of Tainan n Chery Emy Bravo of K'siung. Even w/o any days off, chayo! -- Hapi Thesa

Greetings 2 my frends Lyn, Lety, Sundie, Efren, Edand most specially 2 my loved one Andrew. I love u very much. -- Rose of NTU Hospital

Trusting God completely means having faith that He knows what is best for life. Just want to greet a frend whom I met at Chang Gung Hospital. May God bless you all. -- Rexcy of Penghu 0919-643-803

Bhe, kung sakalang mbsa m msg n 2 tandaan m plg mhal n mhal kta hgit pa sa buhay ko. -- Woei Hung of Tainan 0930-314-857

Belated hapi2 bday 2 Amy last April 23. Wish u gud health n happiness in life! Hello 2 Bernie Buenacosa. Love u always. -- Dng

Greetings 2 Luz, Rose, Marlyn, kuya Bong, brod Roger, Jorj, and my best Gina. Lpit na uwi mo. Sna dk makalimot. I lov u. -- July Girl

Hello 2 Rmail Cariaso & Ryan Acenas of SMI. Ry, tanx 4 being such a gud frend. Rmail, mhal kita bkit ayaw u maniwla. U got me d 1st tym I laid my eyes on u. I luv u! -- Bliss6038 of SMI-Taiwan

"Ang pinakamasakit n bagay kpag ngmahal ka ay ndi dhil iniwan k ng taong mhal mo kundi ang matutunan mo syang limutin khit alam mong ndi mo kaya." Hi 2 Ryan Acenas. Kaw ha? Dinaan u pa d2 sa PTC. Dont wori. Noting's gona change. Luv u 2. -- Sugar

"If ur dwn, shw ur strength. F u r afraid, nvr let fear ovrcome u." Greetings 2 Liza, Papa Nick, Harry Poter, Benj, Rexy, t Vange, Uly, Babes, Ryan & of course my cute daw o 'pre Marco. Mis u n! Ingtz n lang sa inyo mga dudes! -- Lili of Taipei 0919-426-232

Love has its own time, season & reasons. U cant ask it 2 stay, u can only embrace it as it comes & be glad dat 4 a moment n ur lyf it was urs! Juz luv en b hapi. Lyf s too short. More power kabayan! -- Sugar

Its nt d presens of sum1 dat brings meaning 2 lyf but its d wat dat sum1 touches ur heart n gves lyf a beautiful meaning. Hapi wkend! -- Joan of Kaoshiung 0916-612-038

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